Accidents and injuries are incredibly disruptive emotionally and financially. Joseph works to help heal your wounds and make sure that whoever is responsible for them is held responsible. On catastrophic injury cases, Joseph associates with the very finest and most experienced personal injury litigators in Utah, meaning that you get the personal touch of Midway Law combined with decades of top-notch personal injury litigation experience.

Contingency fee agreement

Joseph utilizes a contingency fee agreement to minimize your risk. Midway Law covers all litigation expenses and takes no fees until your case is won or settled. If he doesn't win, it doesn't cost you a penny. This promise includes some medical exams and other associated expenses that are necessary to litigate your case, which may provide additional peace of mind.

More than medical expenses

The pain of personal injury cuts deeper than your physical injuries. Joseph understands that your sense of self can be profoundly disrupted by a serious injury, and fights to make sure that the insurance company recognizes that hardship in the form of pain and suffering compensation, as well as paying psychological care medical expenses.