personal injury & Workmen's Comp

Accidents and injuries are incredibly disruptive emotionally and financially. Joseph works to help heal your wounds and make sure that whoever is responsible for them is held responsible. On catastrophic injury cases, Joseph associates with the very finest and most experienced personal injury litigators in Utah, meaning that you get the personal touch of Midway Law combined with decades of top-notch personal injury litigation experience.


Whether you are going through a new divorce or reassessing your custody situation due to changes in your life, you need an experienced guide to help you avoid the pitfalls and wrong turns that are constant threats during the process. Divorce is complicated, and there's an infinite variety of challenges that can crop up. Joseph has seen it all, and will help make sure you aren't back in court in a year or two trying to solve a problem you didn't even know was in the works. 


Whether starting a new business on your own, liquidating or purchasing an entire organization, or granting a portion to a carefully chosen partner, how you handle your business relationships can have far-reaching effects on your future. Joseph is experienced at avoiding and navigating the litigation that crops up around buyouts, options, transfers, and contracts.


Estate planning should happen before anything terrible occurs, but fate can reach in and disrupt our lives at any moment. The best thing to do is to arrange things so that those you leave behind don't have any doubts or questions and can focus on beginning the grieving process and remembering you at your best. If your loved one has passed on without leaving clear or fair instructions, it can be difficult or impossible to set aside your grief and put your personal and financial priorities where they need to be. That's where an experienced probate litigator comes in.