Estate planning should happen before anything terrible occurs, but fate can reach in and disrupt our lives at any moment. The best thing to do is to arrange things so that those you leave behind don't have any doubts or questions and can focus on beginning the grieving process and remembering you at your best. If your loved one has passed on without leaving clear or fair instructions, it can be difficult or impossible to set aside your grief and put your personal and financial priorities where they need to be. That's where an experienced probate litigator comes in.

Estate planning

Preparing your estate is about protecting your assets and caring for those you leave behind. Navigating the legal and tax consequences of your passing is a complex task, and have an attorney by your side to discuss your options and create a set of documents that maximizes what you leave behind for your family, and ensures that your wishes for your heirs will be honored. 

A complete estate plan doesn't only handle financial issues when you've passed on. It also takes care of complex emotional and legal questions like your burial wishes, how and by whom minor children will be cared for, and other difficult personal questions. Other documents that Joseph will help you draft are those which govern your wishes in the event you become incapacitated or unable to manage your own affairs. 

By creating a robust estate plan that covers every possibility, you will have given yourself and your descendants peace of mind and a sense of certainty about what will happen. You can spare your spouse or children the painful task of deciding the course of your final days and create circumstances that will protect their financial future moving forward.

probate litigation

If your loved one has died unexpectedly, or if they have left instructions that are ambiguous, uncertain, or unfair, you may want to ask the court to closely observe the probate process and ensure that all laws have been followed and all instructions have been honored. The way to do this is through probate litigation. Joseph has experience in this area, and is skilled at navigating the tricky path between making sure things have been done the right way and respecting the solemnity of the proceeding. In the end, Joseph will do everything in his power to ensure that your loved one's final wishes are honored and that his or her passing is given the respect it deserves.