Whether you are going through a new divorce or reassessing your custody situation due to changes in your life, you need an experienced guide to help you avoid the pitfalls and wrong turns that are constant threats during the process. Divorce is complicated, and there's an infinite variety of challenges that can crop up. Joseph has seen it all, and will be help make sure you aren't back in court in a year or two trying to solve a problem you didn't even know was in the works. 

Child Custody

Evaluating what's in the best interests of your children is challenging at the best of times, and when the parties to a divorce or parentage petition are set against one another, it can be easy to lose sight of what matters the most: your kids. Joseph will help you work through the feeling of needing to win your case and defeat your ex and make an island of safety for your children, a place where your own interests aren't the priority. 

Starting from this place of good faith and fairness is the best way to handle a spouse who isn't willing to take the same approach. Custody evaluators, commissioners, and judges respect this approach and reward the parent who comes into the custody battle with this mindset. If it comes down to it, Joseph is an experienced courtroom combatant who is willing to take your case to the mat to make sure your kids get their best chance.

property distribution

Unlike custody, property is about you. Whether you've been working sixty hours a week, have set aside a promising career to care for your home and family, or somewhere in between, you have poured yourself into your marriage and you deserve your fair share. Joseph leaves no stone unturned and considers every argument to make sure that you achieve your goals. For some clients, the main goal is maximizing your share of the marital estate. For others, it's preserving the integrity of a carefully managed investment account or maintaining their presence in the family home. Whatever your goals, Joseph will put the tools at your disposal to help you achieve them.