We're a small firm in the Wasatch Valley, and we provide the most personalized legal services possible. We take time to appreciate and understand both the big picture and the finest detail; you will find that Midway Law leaves you feeling in control of the legal process from your first consultation to the final conclusion of your case.  

-What makes us special-

We are as selective about our clients as you are about your attorney. While most attorneys carry dozens of clients, Joseph prefers to have just a handful. You will find that you have an attorney who is intimately familiar with every detail of your case and who is always prepared to discuss it in depth, not one who avoids your calls and spends the night before your hearing re-familiarizing himself with your file.  This means we can provide truly individualized service with negotiation and litigation goals that meet your specific needs.

Personal service and attention to detail means no mistakes and no surprises. You will never have a document drafted by a law clerk or paralegal. An experienced attorney will personally write every word. Tiny mistakes can balloon into big problems, and Joseph takes every precaution to ensure that your legal issue proceeds exactly the way that you expect it to. 

Joseph creates strong personal bonds with his clients. Most people hiring an attorney are going through one of the most stressful, difficult, and unpleasant periods of their lives. Joseph's approach allows him to consider your emotional and personal goals in conjunction with your legal and financial objectives. Sometimes those subjective elements of your case take precedence; Joseph is willing to guide clients towards a solution which lets them feel good about themselves as well as their proceeding.